Thursday, 21 February 2013

Finding Scam and Spamming Techniques

Finding internet spammer is not an easy task. Most of us don’t know how to find a spammer who has been doing spamming techniques in our Site or Blog. Even though you are having good quality content in your blog or site, sometimes you may not be considered by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The main reason behind that is ‘SPAM’. Yeah! There are many intelligent spammers in this internet world who have more knowledge to cheat our GENIUS search engines.


 If google is updating its algorithm in some way then that brilliant spammers would also update their spamming techniques. Spamming Techniques not only includes Duplicate Content or Hidden Text or Hidden Anger Link or bla bla bla. This spam tree has more branches and leaves. Here I’m going to give some basic techniques for spam.
  1. Linking to Irrelevant Website and Content
  2. Giving Backlinks to a site that was banned by search engine
  3. Keyword Stuffing
  4. Increased Bouncing Rate
  5. Low Quality Content with irrelevant anger link
  6. Repeated keywords in Meta Tags like Title, Description and also in URL
  7. Jung or Bulk Submission of the site in several Submission Site like Article site, bookmarking site etc
  8. Copying Content from other’s sites and providing them in our site without editing the content
  9. Link forming (having interlinking within a group of people)
  10. Cloaking (providing one kind of page to user’s browser and another kind of page to search engine spiders by using redirect code in CSS style or User-agent HTTP)
  11. Paid Links (Selling Links for Money)
  12. Google Bowling (A technique to remove certain site from google SERPs)
  13. Comment posting in irrelevant blog and giving unrelated Link.
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